My aim is to take the viewer into another world full of light and colors. I use a real situation as a starting point to create the new, imaginary world from it. Escapism, women and architecture are the topics in my work.

Reflections are very important for me, as well to create a tree dimensional effect that seems to draw the viewer inside. I always try to capture the light in my works and break it into „thousand" colors like thru a prism.

I’m using countless layering with acrylic paint and spray on canvas to create the crystalline like structure in my paintings. Sometime I actually integrate reflecting materials like acrylic glass, mirror foils in my art works. Therefore, it takes time to let your pictures “grow”.

Generally, my work moves in the border areas between painting and drawing, abstraction, figuration and geometry, between illusion and reality, between two and three dimensionality.

My inspiration comes from ancient art, mythology, traveling around the world, getting to know different cultures.